Mushroom Cultivation

Scott Henderson -The Mushroom Man

Join the Mushroom Man, Scott Henderson for a hands on one day workshop. This seminar will cover Shiitake logs inoculation, Oyster mushroom Straw bags preparation, Stropharia chip spawn creation and Oyster mushroom coffee ground inoculation.

Participants will get hands-on instruction and take home a two inoculated logs, a large straw bag oyster mushroom farm, inoculated woodchips to start a chip bed mushroom patch at home, and inoculated coffee grounds which can be used to grow out oyster mushrooms, or to inoculate a still larger quantity of coffee grounds.

Participants are requested to bring their own charged cordless drill, if they have one, a plastic tote bin for wood chip spawn and a small plastic container for coffee ground spawn. Please bring your lunch. Hot and cold beverages will be provided.