The Cheapest Alarm Security Products for Your Property

If you’re looking for the cheapest alarm security products, you won’t find them through most home security systems Denver companies offer. That’s because the current model used by most businesses isn’t designed to benefit the homeowner; it was created to ensure the company could keep collecting.

To understand how you can get the cheapest alarm security products when you go to buy home security systems in Denver, you actually have to know a bit of the history and why the industry operates the way it does, so you can leverage that to save some cash—without compromising the safety of your family.

Quick History: How Home Security Systems in Denver Got Their Start

Believe it or not, the industry has been around for decades. A certain well-known company was installing and monitoring equipment in homes back in the 1970s. Of course, back then, everything was hardwired in and tech was not only in its infancy, but expensive to develop. Homeowners who wanted protection had no choice but to have all the wiring placed behind their walls, with lots of drilling and the help of professional tradesmen, like electricians and drywallers, which also added to the cost.

It wasn’t long before a Goliath of a company realized there was money to be made in the industry and that homeowners were looking for the cheapest alarm security products. So, they decided to take a hit on the initial install. They’d eat some of the cost of the equipment and placement, then tie homeowners into lengthy contracts with monthly rates that were slightly higher than the competition.

This opened the market to more budget-conscious folks, including those who couldn’t afford costly installations. Both models of pricing still exist today, but anyone who has done the math understands that you pay more for protection with the latter and the former is not in reach for most people.

Where to Find the Cheapest Alarm Security Products Now

Thanks to advancements in technology, home security systems in Denver are actually affordable if you know where to look.

Check the “DIY” Market

Known as “DIY” systems, these kits like the ones offered by Life Shield are simple to install. The components are wireless, so you don’t need to worry about electrical systems and drywall, and kits like the ones from LifeShield don’t even require the use of tools; they’re simply stuck in place with adhesive strips included with the kit. Despite the fact that they’re called “DIY,” they do come with professional monitoring, so there’s always someone looking out for your family.

Compare Start-Up Costs and Monthly Rates

Even if you’re looking at wireless home security systems in Denver, you’ll still need to watch for the old “bait-and-switch.” The technique of taking a hit on equipment and gouging for service is still widely used by some companies. Because of this, you’ll want to look at the up-front costs as well as what you’ll pay for service over the lifetime of your system.

Watch Out for Long-Term Contracts

LifeShield doesn’t require any kind of long-term contracts, so you can cancel at any point. That not only means the company has to stay on the ball and keep delivering quality service month after month to keep earning your business, but it also means that you aren’t going to get stuck with a bait-and-switch.

Costs for equipment and service are both kept reasonable, so although they may not always be the cheapest alarm security products initially, they’re affordable and you’ll likely save money over the lifetime of the system, as opposed to those who charge excessive monthly rates after they get you locked in.

Look for Value

One of the extra services provided by LifeShield includes video monitoring. You can watch live video feeds of your home on your phone from anywhere in the world. Glance to make sure the kids are doing well with the babysitter, check to see if a package arrived, or just take a peek around for peace of mind while you travel- it’s easy to do. Our systems enable you to arm and disarm your system using your phone too, so if your forget to set it before you leave the house, you can flip in on with a couple taps.

In addition to the security features, homeowners can also link up their fire alarms and check for carbon monoxide, so their families and belongings stay safer. Home security systems Denver companies offer will all be a little different and may not include value-added features such as this, so double check what’s available and will benefit you while you’re comparing plans.