We are now accepting applications for our 2014 season. We are looking for entusiastic, hard working, reliable people to fill various full time/seasonal roles. Plants knowledge is a must. Send us your resume with a short cover letter to kjmcountry@gmail.com. Or apply in person. Our ideal candidate is:


  • passionate about nature
  • able to identify a range of ornamental and edible plants
  • great with people
  • hard working
  • physically fit
  • adaptable to different roles
  • reliable
  • eager to learn

We have various roles to fill for the spring/summer season. Our start dates begin as early as April 1st or as late as May 1st depending on your availability because of school etc. Usually our positions end at the end of August, but some can carry on part time through to the end of December, depending on our needs and your flexibility. This year however, we may be looking to keep one staff member on as a year-round employee should they show interest and excel during the summer.

Duties range widely; some examples of duties here are:

greeting and helping customers, selling plants to customers/teaching them about the plants, potting up plants, handling cash, pricing and documenting inventory as it arrives, tidying/creating displays, unloading plant deliveries, assiting with workshops, helping in the coffee bar, helping with special events like our farmers markets or pumpkin patch, curating displays, making signs, watering and plant care.

Our wages are competitive and vary depending on your knowledge level and experience.



We are absolutely thrilled to have guest gardener/designer/artist Bettina Harvey visiting us from Stanley Park, to inspire and educate on how to create awesome, personalized containers for your deck/porch/balcony. In this fun, interactive workshop Bettina will guide you through colour theory, easy to follow design theories, and how to choose the right plants for your particular situation. Both annual and perennial plants will be discussed. Leave this exciting class with a planter of your own creation to take home. the package will include a wide selection of plants and containers, but should you wish to upgrade upon seeing a particular pot on site, the difference can simply be paid at that time. Bring gloves and a trowel or you can also purchase them here.

Respected urban beekeeper Russel Godwin creator of our own KJM Honey as well as his brand Urban Sweet Honey will take you through the process of getting your own apiary started in your backyard, where to obtain supplies, and how to care for honey bees. Russel will relay crucial information and tips about making your own honey from your apiary. He will also discuss the health benefits of local raw honey vs. pasteurized honey, and the processes involved.

We are very excited to have Curious Oyster Catering come and shuck fresh oysters and serve chilled champagne and whiskey on our cafe deck here at KJM. We had Curious Oyster here last year for this event, and it was such a spectacular evening that we said to ourselves, this has to become a tradition. So here it is, just for you. Enjoy a laugh with your friends or meet some new folks! Experience being entertained with live music while you stroll  amongst blooming flowers and farm animals.

The nursery will only be open for ticket holders during this event.

Tickets must be reserved ahead of time so the boys know how many delicious oysters to bring.

Cost: $34 (includes oysters and either glass of chilled champagne or a dram of whiskey. Additional drinks may be purchased for $9

Scott Henderson -The Mushroom Man

Join the Mushroom Man, Scott Henderson for a hands on one day workshop. This seminar will cover Shiitake logs inoculation, Oyster mushroom Straw bags preparation, Stropharia chip spawn creation and Oyster mushroom coffee ground inoculation.

Participants will get hands-on instruction and take home a two inoculated logs, a large straw bag oyster mushroom farm, inoculated woodchips to start a chip bed mushroom patch at home, and inoculated coffee grounds which can be used to grow out oyster mushrooms, or to inoculate a still larger quantity of coffee grounds.

Participants are requested to bring their own charged cordless drill, if they have one, a plastic tote bin for wood chip spawn and a small plastic container for coffee ground spawn. Please bring your lunch. Hot and cold beverages will be provided.

Local, fresh cut and living Christmas trees – Come on down to choose the perfect tree for your home this Christmas. At KJM you will experience that country, old fashioned feeling while you stroll through our unique selection of locally fresh cut and living Christmas trees. We hand pick each tree that we carry by visiting a farm in langley and tagging the ones we love one by one. We will have varieites like noble fir, fraser fir, grand fir, douglas fir, alpine fir, pines, as well as many living trees and greenery.

Grab a hot chocolate from our cafe, and visit the horses, goats and chickens while you pick that most special holiday symbol.